If you’re a homeowner looking for a top-quality indoor or outdoor lighting service in Lake Oswego, OR, you can turn to Falcon Services Additional indoor lighting can make your home more functional and highlight the areas you want to highlight. Proper landscape lighting enhances your property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. In an area known for its lush, well-tended landscaping and elegant homes, your home deserves lighting solutions that match its unique charms.

    Lake Oswego Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

    Additional or upgraded indoor lighting can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your living and working spaces. Switching to LED lighting can lead to noticeable decreases in your energy bill. Linking your lighting to your home automation system can save energy while providing added convenience. Improved lighting quality can boost productivity and mood, making your home more comfortable and inviting.

    Exterior lighting serves a variety of both aesthetic and functional purposes. For instance, if you’ve got specimen plantings in your yard that you’d like to highlight for dramatic effect at night, you might consider adding a backlight. Backlighting also works well to display hardscaping features such as waterfalls. Landscape lighting also allows you and your family to enjoy your yard, garden, and patio areas for as long as you like instead of heading indoors after the sun goes down.

    Other advantages of exterior lighting include safety and security. If you’d like to light a winding garden path for strolling under the stars, you can have ground-level landscape lighting installed. To discourage potential thieves and vandals from accessing your property, Falcon Services can provide expertly designed security lighting that illuminates dark areas. Installing motion sensor lighting to detect any movement in your outdoor living area makes your home less attractive to intruders, adding an extra layer of safety.

    Outdoor lighting plays a range of roles in the lives of Lake Oswego homeowners, including the following:
    • Increased security
    • Highlight landscape areas
    • Extended living space after dark
    • Increased property value

    Outdoor and Indoor Lighting Services

    As a family-owned business, Falcon Services provides the same high-quality service we’d want for our family members. We’ve been in business for ten years and will continue to be here for your lighting needs. We provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees or other unexpected charges, ensuring you can confidently plan your outdoor or indoor lighting project without worrying about surprise expenses.

    Reach out to Falcon Services today for more information on indoor or outdoor lighting in Lake Oswego. Also, check out our other electrical services!