Residents of Tigard, OR, and surrounding communities, imagine the possibilities of adding outdoor lighting to your property. It’s not just about extending the time you can enjoy your outdoor living space but also about enhancing your home’s security, safety, and aesthetic. With Falcon Services ‘s expertise in residential lighting solutions, including indoor lighting, you can transform your property into a safe, beautiful, inviting space.

    Outdoor Lighting in Tigard

    Well-lit decks, patios, and gardens allow you and your family to enjoy your outdoor living space even as the sun goes down. These outdoor spaces are ideal for when you’re entertaining guests or if you simply want to relax and enjoy a warm summer evening with your family. You can also use landscape lighting to highlight the natural beauty of your yard and garden. Ground-level lighting illuminates the way around walkways and garden paths, allowing you to stroll safely under the stars.

    Types of outdoor lighting include cost-effective LED and solar lighting, motion sensor lights to discourage potential intruders and vandals, floodlights that provide bright, broad illumination for driveways and backyards, decorative string lights for patios and gardens, and wall-mounted lights to illuminate critical areas such as entryways and exits.

    Outdoor lighting serves many purposes, including the following:
    • Enhanced safety and security
    • Extended usability of your home’s outdoor living space
    • Improved curb appeal
    • Increased property value

    Additionally, you may feel like showing the world your holiday spirit or celebrating a special occasion with a dazzling outdoor display by us, which provides customized holiday and event lighting solutions to transform your home exterior into a festive wonderland.

    We also specialize in indoor lighting. Our services include installing thoughtfully designed interior lighting in kitchens, living rooms, home offices, and other indoor spaces.

    Contact Us for Indoor Lighting

    As a family-owned and operated business serving the Tigard area for over ten years, we are dedicated to providing each customer with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that we’d want for our friends, neighbors, and family members. We value your trust and don’t want you to experience any unpleasant surprises when using our services, which is why we offer an upfront pricing structure with no hidden fees. We also ensure the safety of our customers by conducting rigorous background checks on each of our employees.

    Ready to transform your Tigard home with Falcon Services indoor and outdoor lighting solutions? Contact us today to schedule a home consultation and learn what we can do for you. Also, check out our other electrical services!