If you’re currently in the market for outdoor lighting services in Beaverton, OR, you’re undoubtedly already aware of the abundant natural beauty enjoyed by residents of the Pacific Northwest. Your outdoor lighting goals may involve showcasing the lush greenery and vibrant floral displays of your garden or creating a cozy ambiance for outdoor gatherings. Perhaps you want to add an extra layer of home security. Whatever your intentions, outdoor light fixtures provide a tailored solution to your individual needs and preferences. Falcon Services has been providing residents of Beaverton with landscape lighting solutions for more than ten years, and we’re looking forward to serving you.

    Outdoor Lighting Services in Beaverton

    Landscape lighting plays a wide range of roles in enhancing the aesthetic appeal as well as the overall functionality of your outdoor living space. Perhaps you take pride in certain specimen plantings on your property, such as a colorful flower bed or a tree with a dramatic growth pattern or unusual foliage. Maybe you want to light the path to your front door for the safety of those returning home after dark. The right kind of exterior lighting eliminates dark patches after the sun goes down, making your property less attractive to potential home intruders.

    Long, lingering twilights are characteristic of summers in the Pacific Northwest, and nighttime temperatures are typically in the comfort zone. One of the main advantages of exterior lighting for Beaverton homeowners is that you can extend the time that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors. Modern lighting options for outdoor living spaces typically use LED technology, which helps keep your carbon footprint as well as your utility costs to a minimum.

    Exterior lighting serves many different purposes for modern homeowners, including:
    • Increased comfort
    • Maintaining your home’s décor
    • Improved energy efficiency
    • Simple makeover

    Local Landscape Lighting Services

    Our friendly, well-trained staff will strive to provide you with a positive customer experience. For your safety, every member of our team has undergone a background check as a condition of employment. Falcon Services is family-owned and -operated, and we’ve achieved a stellar word-of-mouth reputation by treating customers as if they’re our family. Additionally, because we know that your time and money are important to you, our pricing doesn’t include hidden fees or other hidden costs. You can count on not getting any unpleasant surprises after we complete your customized landscape lighting project.

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