A burned electrical outlet hangingFalcon Services helps area homeowners modernize their homes through new outlet installation in Lake Oswego, OR. The outlets and switches installed when a contractor builds a home are very basic compared to the many options available. Newer outlets are safer, more energy efficient, and more advanced. Through outlet and switch installation, we can also make your home more convenient. That includes switches that turn themselves off and dimmers that provide you finer lighting control.

    Modern Switch and Outlet Installation

    Our team can perform new switch and outlet installation in Lake Oswego. We also offer switch repair and outlet repair services for existing devices. Customers often ask us if there’s a limit to how many outlets you can have. The answer is yes, and there are both practical and code limitations. That said, most homeowners won’t reach the upper limit of their electrical panels.

    Each circuit breaker in your panel typically provides you between 600 and 800 square feet of coverage. Generally, you want 10 or less electrical devices on a single circuit breaker. That includes outlets in addition to lighting and switch pairings. The average newly built home will have somewhere between 10 and 20 breakers. We can also add more, and most panels can have upward of around 40.

    We recommend upgrading to ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) outlets and breakers where there’s the potential for electrical shocks. That includes outdoors, kitchens, bathrooms, areas with HVAC equipment, rooms with aquariums, and so forth.

    When choosing new outlets, we also recommend considering advanced features that will enhance your home. We can integrate ethernet connections into your outlets so you’re less reliant on Wi-Fi. USB ports are a popular upgrade as well. You can charge smartphones and other devices without the need for a dedicated charger. Our team can also install outlets that have built-in surge protection.

    POV Man Adjusting Dimmer Switch

    Smart outlets are an excellent upgrade as well. These connect to Wi-Fi and communicate with other devices. This opens up many possibilities, including scheduling and remote control. Smart outlets can also block the phantom draw, which is common to appliances in standby mode. Recent research has found that the average American home is losing $50 to $100 a year from their TVs alone.

    When repairing outlets and switches, we can replace the faceplate, internal device, and any faulty wiring. We can do that all the way back to the electrical panel if necessary, but it usually isn’t. Our team diagnoses and fixes outlets that are not working, loose, overheating, and humming.

    Installing new outlets can provide a variety of benefits.
    • Lessen the risk of a fire
    • Protect your appliances
    • Reduce your energy consumption
    • Make your home more convenient

    Switch Installation in Lake Oswego

    Falcon Services has now been an established and trusted name in Lake Oswego for over 10 years. We’re proud to employ skilled, licensed electricians who are current with the latest codes and standards.

    This is a family business that focuses on building relationships and earns most of our new business through word of mouth. You can see our customer service approach reflected in the many great reviews we have on Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

    Falcon Services delivers reliable switch and outlet installation in Lake Oswego. Contact us today to book an appointment or with any questions about our electrical services. We also service generators, surge protection, EV vehicle charging stations, and more.