A burned electrical outlet hangingWhen you need outlet installation in Tigard, OR, Falcon Services is the company you can trust. Our team performs new outlet and switch installation and also replaces old fixtures. The modern outlets we offer are more convenient and safer and can include advanced features, such as smart capabilities. We recommend upgrading outlets close to water sources to GCFI outlets. Our dimmer switches are also an excellent option because they provide you greater control over your lighting.

    Outlet Installation in Tigard

    A common question we get from customers is whether there’s a switch and outlet installation limitation. There’s no hard limit in the National Electrical Code (NEC). It depends on the circuits in your electrical panel. A 15-amp circuit provides up to 600 square feet of coverage. On the other hand, a 20-amp circuit provides up to 800 feet of coverage. Coverage is for both lighting and receptacles.

    The NEC does require that no connected piece of equipment exceed 80% of the circuit breaker capacity. The general rule most electricians follow is no more than 10 lights and/or outlets per breaker. The average home will have between 10 and 20 circuit breakers. You may want more outlets in an area where you’re already at the limit for the breaker. The solution in that case is to add another breaker. We can add as many as your panel can handle, up to the NEC limit of 42.

    Our electricians perform both outlet repair and switch repair in addition to replacements. It’s usually a relatively easy task that requires swapping out the outlet or switch itself or the wiring. You can upgrade switches as well. Most lights support dimmers. This is true of nearly all incandescent bulbs. If you use LED bulbs, you’ll need to purchase bulbs that support dimming.

    POV Man Adjusting Dimmer Switch

    We recommend ground-fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) outlets in kitchens and bathrooms. They’re also good to use outdoors. These outlets can sense a shock occurring and disable themselves in a split second. This helps to avoid most shock-related injuries and deaths in a home.

    When upgrading switches and outlets, you may want to consider smart devices as well. A smart switch can automatically turn off lights after a period of time or at a set time. Smart outlets can prevent the phantom draw that occurs with many appliances in standby mode. The savings over a year can be significant. You may also want to consider integrated outlet surge protection.

    Watch for signs you have a faulty outlet.
    • Smell of burning wires
    • Movement when inserting plugs
    • Frequent tripped circuit breakers
    • Outlet becoming hot to the touch
    • Burn marks on outlet, plate, or wall

    Local Outlet and Switch Installation

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