Reasons Homeowners Shouldn’t Rewire Their Homes


One of the joys of owning a home is that you get to customize it to fit your needs. However, it isn’t necessarily the best idea to complete every home upgrade by yourself, and this is especially true when you are working with electricity.

Minor Errors Can Be Deadly

Turning the circuit breaker off doesn’t necessarily mean that there is nothing flowing through a wire. Therefore, you could be injured if your watch makes contact with a wire or if you are standing too close to another metal object that brushes up against a live wire. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the circuit breaker is labeled correctly or that the wiring was done properly in the first place.

Therefore, you may unknowingly work with wires that contain significant voltage capable of hurting you even while you’re wearing protective equipment. It’s worth noting that you are typically liable for any injuries that you incur while working on your home. Therefore, you could incur expensive medical bills in addition to paying for any damage caused to your house as a result of your mistake.

Wiring a home is complicated

Unless you have a degree in electrical engineering, rewiring a home is a complex undertaking that you shouldn’t take lightly. Assuming that you are a highly skilled electrician, you could spend anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks rewiring your home. If not, you could spend weeks or months trying to do this job properly.

Hiring our professionals at Falcon Services in Portland means that you have someone with the experience, skills, and tools to rewire your home properly. Our team will spend time walking through your home to determine the scope of the project before any work begins.

In addition to rewiring projects, we can also help with your kitchen or bathroom remodeling needs as well as install hot tubs, saunas, and similar equipment. If you are in need of a quality electrician in Portland, don’t hesitate to contact us at Falcon Services today!