5 Ways To Save Money On Your Power Bill


Your power bill can be pretty expensive, right? With all the other bills that arrive in the mailbox each month, you wonder if it will ever stop. We all need a break from the rising bills! Well, we’re here to help you with some great tips and advice to lower your electrical power bill. (And the best part is, these tips are easy to implement right away and most of them can be done at little or no cost, so you can start saving money even on your very next power bill!)

Money-Saving Tip #1. Shut Off The Lights.

This one might seem like a no-brainer but it’s so easy to forget! One of the fastest and simplest ways to save money on your power bill is to remember to shut off the lights when you leave the room. Just get into the habit of hitting that light switch as you exit the room. And before you head to bed at night, take a quick walk around the house to make sure all the lights are off.

And sure, maybe it feels like you’re always hassling the kids to turn the lights off too but if you get them into a habit now, it will help you save money for years to come!

Money-Saving Tip #2. Install Timers And Motion Detectors.

It’s one thing to remember to shut off lights when you leave a room but what if there was an even easier way? Well, there is! Simply install timers and motion detectors on lights in your home and outside of it.

Motion detectors installed outside of your home will turn an exterior light on when someone approaches your front or back door, which means your lights stay off then not needed but provide added security when strangers approach your door.

Timers installed inside your home will make sure that your rec room or living room lights shut off even if you (or the kids) forget to turn off the lights before bed.

Money-Saving Tip #3. Update Devices With Energy Efficient Models

Older devices and appliances can become less energy efficient as time goes on. For example, the motor in a desktop fan might develop some dust build-up, which makes the motor work harder to turn the fan blades. As well, new technologies develop, which allow companies to make more energy efficient devices and appliances.

Therefore, it can actually save you money on your power bill when you replace older devices and appliances with newer ones. Sure, there is a cost associated with the purchase of these replacement devices but they will all eventually need to be replaced at some point; when they do, be sure to choose energy efficient versions.

Money-Saving Tip #4. Switch To Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Another area where technology is advancing is in light bulbs. There are more energy efficient versions now versus the traditional incandescent bulbs that many of us grew up with. As the older bulbs burn out, replace them with new energy efficient bulbs that still provide great light but ultimately cost far less to operate (which means more money in your pocket when the power bill comes).

Money-Saving Tip #5. Unplug Unused Devices

Did you know that many devices still draw power even if you are not using them? Your television, computer, and stereo are just two examples but there are many other devices and appliances around your house that do the same.

While you may want to keep some plugged in so you don’t reset the clock each time, be aware that every device plugged in could be drawing a small trickle of power, which is pennies out of your pocket every single day. Find the devices around your house that you don’t use often and unplug them when not in use.


As mom always said: “worry about the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” With these simple tips you can save pennies every single day on your home’s power usage, which means lower power bills every month. The question now is: how will YOU spend all that money you’re saving?