Electrical Inspection in Beaverton, ORSafe transit of electrical current requires solid wiring in your home, and electrical inspection in Beaverton, OR, ensures you’re well protected. From the electrical panel to fixtures and outlets, each connection needs to be tight, meeting electrical code, and without damage.

    The goals of inspection include electrical safety and reliability and identifying developing conditions that could be trouble. One example is moisture damage inside walls that leads to corrosion and wire heating.

    Timing of electrical inspection should be every three to five years at least, and right away if you have noticed signs of potential problems. Recent plumbing leaks, flickering lights, smoke or arc sounds, or outlets and fixtures hot to the touch indicate it’s time to have an electrical safety check. It’s always a good idea to be safe.

    Expert Electrical Inspection in Beaverton

    The key to an insightful electrical safety check is an electrician who has experience recovering from and repairing problems, as well as preventing them. Knowing firsthand what can happen from electrical problems, they take the job very seriously.

    Accepting that not all wiring hidden behind walls is perfect, they can look deeply and realistically. After identifying specific problems, outdated materials, and needed updates such as from two-wire to three-wire outlets, they can help keep your family safer. When inspecting completed work, they can also provide simple peace of mind.

    When reviewing the findings of an inspection with you, the homeowner, you’ll also get information that helps prioritize and remedial work that should be performed. Corroded wiring, arcing and overheating connections, and other immediate hazards need prompt attention. Outdated wiring, outlets, and fixtures, provide an opportunity to modernize. Fixing issues like a power panel in poor condition can be a lifesaver.

    Timely electrical safety inspections cover:
    • Confirming that any recent electrical work is solid
    • Verifying that the home’s wiring meets current code
    • Identifying potential hazards
    • Providing electrical update recommendations

    Professional Electrical Safety Specialists

    Professional Electrical Safety SpecialistsAt Falcon Services, we enjoy providing the conveniences of electrical power in your home. We also take our work very seriously, because electricity needs to be properly managed. Our electrical inspection experts are part of a team that makes sure our customers can enjoy comfort, entertainment, cooking, lighting, even transportation using reliable power.

    Our work is meticulous and economical, providing a wide range of homeowners with dependable electrical services. From simple repairs to rewriting and service upgrades, safety inspections and emergency electrical care, we’re here for you.

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    Is it time for an electrical inspection for a routine check or suspected trouble in your Beaverton home? Call Falcon Services and make sure it’s thorough!