Electrical Service Upgrade in Beaverton, ORAfter even a few years, you may find that your plans include an electrical service upgrade in Beaverton, OR for your home that’s rated higher than your current one. Older electrical service capacities tend to frustrate upgrades such as HVAC, tankless water heaters or EVs as well as circuit additions.

    With an emphasis on electrical features in modern homes, an electrical replacement for the existing service and panel is a sure bet on the future.

    Our electricians calculate the power requirements for your home based on equipment, circuits, and anticipated future needs. Adding circuits and outlets, even if they’re not currently in use, may require upgrading your service capacity to meet electrical code and practical requirements.

    Expert Electrical Service Upgrade in Beaverton

    Older homes can have sub-100 amp ratings, built for lights, a stove, and not much more. Modern homes typically have 100, 200, or 400 amp service. An electrical service upgrade is typically accompanied by a panel upgrade.

    This provides space for sufficient breakers to protect the home’s circuits, including high-capacity ones. EV chargers typically require 40 or 50 amp circuits, 120 amps for a tankless water heater, and HVAC equipment has similar requirements. These may be the motivating factors for the upgrade, or a general need for additional circuits due to renovation or rewiring may set the plan in motion.

    When an electrical service upgrade is being performed and electrical replacement of the power panel, wiring, and even outlets are included in the process, it’s a fresh start. Your home gets a significant electrical safety upgrade, valuable to many insurance companies and eventually home buyers. AFCI and GFCI protective devices are available on a per-circuit basis. Whole-house surge and lighting protection can also be installed.

    A power capacity upgrade enables:
    • Expansion of circuits now and in the future
    • Addition of protective devices including AFCI and GFCI
    • Conversion to electrical appliances
    • Tankless water heaters and EV chargers
    • HVAC equipment

    Professional Electrical Safety Specialists

    Professional Electrical Safety SpecialistsAt Falcon Services, we help you look to the future in your home’s electrical infrastructure, whether it’s safety inspections or equipment upgrades, including electrical service upgrades. Our residential electricians carefully design and install service equipment with the meticulous, economical approach we take to all our work.

    We install electrical replacement equipment to last for decades, so you can continue enjoying the conveniences of electric power. From simple repairs to rewiring and renovations, plus safety inspections, we’re here for you.

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    Our skilled electricians also service electrical remodels, panel upgrades, rewiring and more.

    Is it time to provide your Beaverton home with an electrical replacement for the incoming service? Experienced electricians at Falcon Services can plan and complete it for you, call today!