SurgeWhen there are voltage spikes in your area, home surge protection in Beaverton, OR, helps protect your appliances from damage. In most cases, this damage occurs little by little. But eventually, it takes a huge toll on your electronics, which can shorten their lifespans.

    Your TVs, computers, refrigerators, and other electronics can be costly. Hence, investing in a surge protector or whole-house surge protector is a good idea to prevent having to replace them too soon.

    About Surge Protection in Beaverton

    Two common causes of a power surge are blackouts and a tripped circuit breaker. This is because they allow high currents of electricity to surge through your plugged-in devices once you or the utility company restores power.

    But it can also occur when lightning strikes your electrical system, which causes a power overload. However, a surge protector works by diverting sudden power increases away from your home’s electrical network. As a result, your technology remains unaffected.

    You have two options for protection. Our experienced electricians can install home surge protection into your circuit breaker panel to protect your entire electrical system against lightning bolts. Or we can install a whole-house surge protector to shield your electrical panels and sockets from power spikes.

    When you contact us for service, we will discuss the best option for your electronic setup. We also pride ourselves on being transparent in our costs.

    surge protection

    Therefore, we can even provide you with an exact estimate of your costs for service before we begin. This way, you know there are no hidden or added fees.

    A surge protector helps keep your technology and appliances safe in various ways:
    • Protects circuit breaker from surges
    • Protects sockets from surges
    • Protects electronics from gradual damage
    • Keeps electronics working properly
    • Keeps electronics working longer

    Our Whole-House Surge Protection

    At Falcon Services, we are proud to say that we have more than passed the test for skilled, knowledgeable surge protector services, but you don’t have to take our word for it. It is evident by the many local customers we have won over through the years. Hence, we have no problem providing you with a list of references when you ask to see for yourself.

    And you can also check our various online customer reviews. Since our electricians are experts, they also have no problem answering any questions you may have throughout the process. This is just another way we stand out by going above and beyond to ensure excellent customer service on all levels.

    For friendly, proven surge protection services in Beaverton, choose Falcon Services. We also service panel replacements, home generators, rewiring and more.