Panel Replacement in Beaverton, ORThere are a number of essential reasons for panel replacement in Beaverton, OR, including power capacity and safety. Your home’s electrical panel is the “central station” for incoming power, and needs to have the capacity to safely distribute power throughout your home. Aging materials and outdated technologies can make replacement necessary.

    Your family’s lifestyle and power needs can also drive change that will help you enjoy life and modern conveniences. Upgraded circuit breakers provide built-in protection against fire and shock risk, and centralized surge and lightning protection covers all your valuable equipment.

    Expert Panel Replacement in Beaverton

    When your home still has a fuse box, the need for a new electrical panel is clear. How do you know when your circuit breaker panel needs updating to a newer configuration, or replacement for an unsafe condition? Your licensed electrician can tell you, based on related electrical wiring and capacity needs, new features, or signs that your current panel box is unsafe.

    These can include damage, rust, evidence of overheating, and certain outdated or recalled circuit breaker types. The new panel replacement will be beautifully wired, specified to meet your future needs, and a safe, secure central point for your home’s electrical wiring. The right electrician is critical for high-quality electrical panel installation, which can serve you for several decades.

    Starting with a freshly installed electrical panel is an excellent idea since so many electrical features are being installed in our homes. Consider increased outlets, home theater, smart home gear, and other tech, plus protective devices for all circuits. Your higher power capacity can support tankless water heaters and EV chargers. With a new panel you’ll be ready to grow!

    Reasons for a clean start with a panel replacement include:
    • Outdated equipment including recalled breakers
    • Power and circuit capacity increase
    • Rust, thermal damage, other damage
    • Inclusion of updated protective devices

    Professional Electrical Panel Installation

    Professional Electrical Panel InstallationYou’ll rest easy and confident when our experienced electricians install your panel, wiring, and specialized electrical features. As homes turn to increasingly electric-focused systems and appliances, we make sure you’re prepared to expand safely.

    Our work is meticulous, economical, and performed by a team of dependable professionals. From simple repairs and safety inspections, to panel box installation and rewiring, we have the tools and expertise to provide exacting, detail-oriented electrical services. Safety isn’t the only reason electrical work is best left to the professionals, our excellent, long-lasting work is another.

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    Your circuit breaker panel is the heart of your Beaverton home’s electrical system. Is it time for an upgrade, or a safer panel replacement? Call Falcon Services today!