FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE – Adding a home theater is cheaper than you think!


Are you ready for football season? There is nothing better than relaxing on a weekend and watching the ‘old pigskin get tossed back and forth. Make your football room the best it can be. Even if you have a phenomenal flat screen, the placement of the TV in conjunction with audio and the lighting must be perfect to fully utilize the game. This is when setting up a home theater becomes most important.

The Beauty of a Home Theater

The lights, the action, the sound, having a dedicated room for entertainment makes every show better. Football Sunday will never be the same again. A properly set up home theater will be more comfortable and better to watch the game from than the actual stadium. Here are some guidelines for making your own:

Windowless Room

– It is important to completely isolate your home theater from the sun. Any and all outside light will detract from the screen and take away from your experience. Without windows, your television will look brighter and the colors will be more vibrant. Many people turn the basement into a home theater.

Proper Lighting

– Wherever you decide to turn into your entertainment room, customizing the lights will be important. Having too many lights or not enough will always detract from the game on TV. Placing the light switches near the couch can also be a beneficial decision.

Speaker Installation

– What good is a brand new TV if the only speakers used are those on the TV? There is no reason to settle for inferior sound. Properly installing speakers in your home theater will bring the action to life. Make Football Sunday feel more real and go the extra mile with surround sound.

Get a Professional Electrician to Install Your Home Theater

Falcon Electric is proud to serve the Portland area, especially when it comes to installing home theater systems. The wiring complications in mounting your television, customizing the lights, and of course, the sound system, requires professional help. With trained and licensed electricians, our team will successfully build your perfect entertainment room.

We understand how expensive electronics can be. Don’t let faulty wiring ruin your game day. TV’s can blow out and circuits can trip, that’s why we’re here. We will be your professional team, fully installing your system from start to finish.

With experience in remodeling, rewiring, installation, and more, you can be confident every job we do will be completed professionally. Your entertainment room could easily become your favorite room in the house.

Adding a Home Theater is Cheaper as you Think

Because we have years of experience in all different types of installation jobs, you can rest assured we will finish your theater room quickly. Our licensed electricians will make short work of any and all wiring challenges. Efficient, fast, and always immaculate, we will save you time and money.

Contact us today and have your football den ready by kickoff!