GFCI’s (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters) and How They Keep You Safe


The modern world is powered by electricity. It makes our televisions glow, the radio work, and even helps keeps our homes warm. That said, electricity can also be dangerous, and it’s crucial that your home or business keep its circuits up to code to make sure everyone is safe. One of the most common devices used to do just that is a ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI. This device has one purpose, to keep the electricity in the walls and wires where it belongs.

A GFCI serves a simple purpose; it shuts off the flow of current when it detects it flowing somewhere it shouldn’t like a wall, pipe, or person. The simple fact is a shock from an outlet can be deadly, and at the very least it will cause a burn and some significant pain for the person in question. Electrocution can be fatal when as little as 30 milliamps of current flow through the heart for just a fraction of a second.

When a situation like this occurs, a ground fault circuit interrupter device protects at a threshold far less than what is needed to cause harm or death, protecting the person or pet who has come into contact with the electric current before any serious harm can occur. A simple way to think of these devices is that they are like the circuit breaker in your fuse box. Instead of shutting off when there is too much power or too little flowing to your devices in your home, it protects you and yours instead.

These devices can be installed quickly, and you’ve probably seen them before. You can always spot them by the telltale black and red buttons on a wall socket between the plugs. Often times you’ll see them in the kitchen or bathroom in many homes and business, and they are a great fit on any property. If you have some questions about GFCIs, electrical safety, or anything else at all, please get in contact with Falcon Services today.

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