A burned electrical outlet hangingFalcon Services keeps your power outlets working by performing prompt outlet repair in Beaverton, OR when they fail. However, if your outlets fail beyond repair or need an upgrade, we recommend an outlet installation that will serve you better. When our electrician arrives, they’ll assess the situation, discuss it with you, and proceed from there.

    Outlet Repair Services in Beaverton

    Over time, outlets and switches wear out or fail for many reasons. One common problem is an outlet that emits sparks when you plug in or unplug something. Switches, on the other hand, may trip or release sparks when you flip them.

    Can you do outlet repair in Beaverton on your own? It is not advisable to do so. Leave outlet and light switch repair and installation projects for us.

    We already have the training to complete electrical work. Any electrical repair or outlet installation involves steps that we must observe for a successful outcome. For example, the circuit breaker must be off before we run an initial test on the outlet to ensure it is not transmitting power. If you are renovating your home, we can also update your outlets and switches.

    Here are some suspect areas we focus on when diagnosing a malfunctioning outlet:
    • Improper installation
    • Loose connecting wires
    • A short circuit or a tripped circuit breaker
    • Overloaded electrical circuit

    It may be a long time before you encounter electrical problems, but they can still happen one day. When you suspect your outlets or switches are failing, do not wait until they stop functioning to call us.

    Some issues are not obvious because some hard-to-detect problems may develop without you realizing it. That is why we recommend periodic safety checks and tests to ensure everything works as it should.

    Timely action makes all the difference when your lights flicker or if there’s a smell coming from your outlet when it’s in use. Be ready to execute a few safety measures before we arrive at your premises for new outlet or light switch installation.

    POV Man Adjusting Dimmer Switch

    These measures include unplugging chargers from warm sockets, keeping flickering lights off, and turning off the main switch.

    Efficient Outlet Installation in Beaverton

    You might not understand the electrical codes in Beaverton, but we do. That is why we are the right electricians to rely on. Our job here at Falcon Services is to ensure nothing interrupts the convenience you enjoy from reliable electrical outlets.

    We are professionals, and we value a good word from our clients. Give us a chance to show just how transparent we are with our pricing, detailed preparation, and project execution. We also offer electrical inspections, panel upgrades, rewiring and more.

    Contact Falcon Services today for professional outlet repair in Beaverton.