Electrical Inspection in Beaverton, ORDo you need a professional electrical inspection in Lake Oswego, OR? If so, you can count on the expert electricians at Falcon Services. A home electrical inspection will ensure that your electrical system is safe and doesn’t need any repairs or upgrades.

    Your Home Electrical Inspection

    Electrical systems can have various issues that can be a major fire hazard or create a risk of electrocution. Electrical issues are one of the leading causes of house fires. That’s why experts recommend that every homeowner has their electrical system professionally inspected every year.

    It’s also important to schedule an electrical inspection before purchasing a new home so that you’re aware of any potential issues before closing. You should also have an inspection performed before installing things like a central AC system, EV charging station, or hot tub.

    It’s important as well to always monitor your electrical system. This way, you can spot any issues before they become a serious problem.

    These are some issues to watch for that indicate you need to schedule an electrical inspection:
    • Electrical burning smells
    • Outlet starts smoking
    • Lights frequently flicker
    • Circuit breaker keeps tripping
    • Humming or buzzing sound coming from your electrical panel

    If you notice a burning smell or have an outlet that starts smoking, immediately shut off the main circuit breaker. These issues are a sign of a serious electrical problem and could easily start a fire if you don’t shut the power off. The same is true if your electrical panel makes a humming or buzzing sound or feels hot to the touch.

    A circuit breaker that routinely trips often indicates that there is a loose or damaged wire that is causing a short circuit. In this situation, you should leave the breaker off until you can have an electrician perform an inspection.

    Depending on the cause of any electrical issue, an electrician may be able to fix it easily. However, some issues may require rewiring a circuit or potentially rewiring your entire home if your electrical system is outdated. There are also situations when the solution may require upgrading to a new electrical panel.

    Electrical Inspection in Lake Oswego

    Professional Electrical Safety SpecialistsOur team at Falcon Services has been providing exceptional electrical services since 2013. We are a family-owned company that takes pride in offering top-notch services and transparent, up-front pricing. Our experienced electricians have the know-how to spot any electrical issue and determine how to fix it. If the inspection reveals any issues, we’ll fully explain the problem to you. We’ll also explain what work it will take to fix the issue and why it is necessary.

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    If you’re experiencing any issues with the electrical system in your home in Lake Oswego, contact Falcon Services today to schedule an electrical inspection. We also service EV charging, surge protection, generators and more.