Depend on us at Falcon Services for professional home surge protection in Lake Oswego, OR, or an area nearby. Power surges can significantly damage your property and pose serious safety hazards to you and your loved ones.

    Most people know that power surges can originate from lightning, but most don’t realize that problems in the house cause nearly 80% of power surge issues.

    For both those reasons, you should consider getting a whole-house surge protector to safeguard your home in case of any electrical issues.

    Lake Oswego Home Surge Protection

    Power surges happen without warning. Nonetheless, several signs can help indicate when to get a whole-house surge protector. Strange electrical noises in your outlets and flickering lights are common signs your home needs home surge protection.

    You can attribute these issues to various electrical problems, so it’s good to set up protection measures before things get out of hand. In addition, consider surge protection if your home insurance policy doesn’t cover appliances damaged by electricity.

    One of our experienced electricians will advise you on the most suitable surge protector to select based on your needs and budget.

    There are many telltales that can indicate when you need home surge protection in Lake Oswego:

    • Frequent power outages
    • Discolored outlets
    • Outlets too hot to touch
    • Tripping circuit breakers

    Getting a whole-house surge protector conveys many benefits. The equipment will protect valuable appliances and electronic devices in your home, including the refrigerator, washing machine and television, by pushing sharp increases in voltage away.

    It also wards off less noticeable power spikes notorious for damaging and lessening the life span of home appliances and electronics over time. Moreover, a protector in your home can prevent fires by ensuring your electrical system isn’t overloaded.

    You’ll feel safer knowing you have a surge protector in your residence for defense against sudden spikes. Plus, a surge protector is cost-effective with low maintenance needs, and it could help you save a lot of money in the long run.

    Your Whole-House Surge Protector Experts

    At Falcon Services, we’re a leading company offering power surge protection and a wide range of other electrical services. Our family-owned and -operated company boasts highly skilled electricians experienced in delivering quality results regardless of a project’s size or complexity.

    Our team conducts comprehensive examinations and inspections to identify problems before providing the most effective solutions possible. We also offer the latest protective devices and circuit breakers to ensure your property is always safe.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us at Falcon Services if you need home surge protection in Lake Oswego or one of the neighboring areas.