Electrical ContractorWhen you need an electrician in Lake Oswego, OR, who do you call? The unique team of expert electricians at Falcon Services are prepared to provide meticulous services for our Lake Oswego customers. We’re well-versed in electrical services from incoming power service to updating and repairing individual outlets and fixtures.

    Customers can contact us for routine repairs, safety inspections, and enhancements to their existing wiring and equipment to prepare for future needs. Let us rewire, install lighting, provide protective devices, and install new power panels. For many area homes, upgraded power service and power panel are the gateway to modern all-electric equipment.

    Experienced Residential Electricians in Lake Oswego

    From the outlets and switches in your home through the wiring to the power panel and grid connection, the electricians at Falcon Services use their well-known attention to detail. They ensure your equipment is safe through careful inspections and make expert repairs and electrical service upgrades to support your family’s lifestyle.

    In the coming years, you’ll be looking to connect smart home devices, appliances, home theater, high peak power devices like EV chargers, and other equipment. We want you to be ready in Lake Oswego and to have safe access to the power you need. Our experts can help.

    We reach out to the local community and connect with our customers like family, with care and concern about the people we serve. Beyond electric care, we’re here to provide an enhanced customer service experience, with the information and help you need as a homeowner.

    The world of electric power is getting increasingly complex, including backup and alternative power, home automation, and more. Our services provide the underpinning of all these features. We’re your customer-centric, dedicated electricians.

    Count on our team for services such as:
    • Remodeling rewiring
    • Home rewiring
    • Wiring upgrades
    • Panel box inspection
    • Panel box connection
    • Panel replacement
    • Electric upgrades
    • Protective equipment
    • Electric repairs
    • Lighting installation
    • Smoke alarm testing

    A Full Range of Skilled Electrical Services

    Exceptional Customer ServiceAt Falcon Services, our team provides everything from repairs for small outlets and fixtures to main power supply connections and power panel replacement. Our experts conduct careful, detailed whole-system inspections, and recommend upgrades and repairs for safety and reliability.

    We want your family to enjoy today’s electrical home enhancements, including comfort, entertainment, cooking, lighting, even EV transportation. You’ll appreciate our meticulous, economical work, part of a full range of Lake Oswego home services including heating and cooling as well as electric. Expect the highest standards of quality and customer service from us!

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    We’re the electricians you can depend on in Lake Oswego for a full range of services including surge protection. Call Falcon Services today!