Technician rewiring ceiling fanFalcon Services provides rewiring in Lake Oswego, OR, to help you improve your home electrical network.

    Efficient home rewiring presents a three-fold benefit: compliance, capacity, and safety. If you want a more efficient and reliable electrical system, reach out to Falcon Services for electrical rewiring.

    Reasons for Rewiring Your Home

    Few of us are aware of the dangers associated with inadequate wiring in our homes. But the signs of overloaded wiring are easy to spot. Flickering lights or sudden dimming of light, burnt smells, discolored outlets, and hot outlets are some examples.

    It is common to see smoke from a socket when the circuit breaker trips or hear a buzzing or crackling sound when the sockets are in use. Such occurrences repeatedly cause electrical issues that are best left to our electricians to handle. At this point, repairs would make less sense than having to rewire your house.

    Ideally, experiencing frequent major electrical failures is a sign that you need whole home rewiring. There are many reasons to rewire your home. Whatever yours is, do not attempt to address the wiring issues in your home without professional help.

    Outdated wiring systems lack the capacity to fulfill your electrical needs. They also can’t meet threshold safety standards and code requirements. Although older homes are hot spots for outdated electrical wiring, a home renovation that doesn’t budget for electrical rewiring will soon have to factor in the cost and carry out upgrades.

    An improved wiring system in your house has many benefits.
    • Reduced electrical hazards
    • Better capacity handling
    • Reliable electrical supply
    • Code compliance

    Addressing electrical faults involves certain steps. First, evaluate the current electrical system to note concerns and identify sensitive parts. Once you approve the work plan and the power is off, we can remove old, damaged wiring and electrical parts and make way for new ones. Testing comes last. It is integral to any installation, ensuring all fixtures function well and meet safety standards.

    Home rewiring to modern standards improves your living standards and provides a safe living environment. You get a better load capacity to handle all your power needs and enjoy reduced electrical hazards, such as shocks and short circuits. Redoing your electrical wires allows you to install energy-efficient appliances, helping you manage your energy bills better.

    Lake Oswego’s Home Rewiring Experts

    Electrical rewiring testing of outletUpgrading your home wiring is something you should do rarely. Our team strives to do it right based on the uniqueness of your home and electrical needs.

    Our professional electricians take on each job with a safety-first mindset. We prioritize precision and safety to provide a secure and updated electrical system. If you are a resident of Lake Oswego and have heard about us before, it’s probably through word of mouth from our satisfied clients.

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    If you want to be next for rewiring in Lake Oswego, contact Falcon Services for home rewiring services. We also service EV charging, surge protection, generators and more.