Why Replacing Cloth Wiring Is So Important


If you have an old, outdated electrical system in your Portland, OR home, you’re probably living with several serious safety hazards. This is definitely the case if you have cloth-covered wires rather than wires that are insulated in durable rubber. Home builders haven’t used cloth wiring since the 1960s, and it’s guaranteed to have significant wear. The following are several reasons why replacing it is so important.

Most Cloth Wiring Isn’t Grounded

Most cloth wiring isn’t grounded and can’t accommodate three-pronged plugs. Having new wiring installed will increase both the marketability and value of your home. It will also ensure that your electrical system can support modern devices and appliances.

Cloth Wiring Was Often Reinforced With Asbestos

Though not true of all cloth wiring, some cloth wires are reinforced with asbestos. Valued for its high fire resistance, asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that becomes increasingly hazardous as it ages. When dried out, asbestos releases tiny fibers that lodge themselves in the esophagus, airways, and stomach lining to cause terminal illnesses like mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Cloth Wiring Isn’t Up to Code

Cloth wiring isn’t up to local or federal building code. Often part of knob and tube wiring systems, these wires are unlikely to pass lender-required inspections. They can also make it difficult to bind home insurance. Home insurance companies recognize clothing wiring as the major fire hazard that it is.

Ongoing Wear Could Leave Live Wires Exposed

Over time, cloth wiring dries out and becomes brittle. In attic, garage, or basement areas, you may see lengths of wire where cloth has already flaked off. Not only does this leave live wires exposed, but it also creates the risk of dangerous electrical arcs. Electrical arcs occur when electricity jumps from one bare, live wire to another. Worse still, you may have bare wires concealed behind flammable building materials.

We make safety our top priority. Proudly serving Portland, OR for more than a decade, we offer electrical panel replacements, inspections, and upgrades. We also install EV charging stations, surge protection, and standby generators. If you’re ready to replace your home’s cloth wiring, contact Falcon Services today!